Evie Clair
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Evie Clair

Evie Clair is 12 years old has been playing piano and singing since she was two. Evie got her public start as Molly in Anne at Hale Theater at eight years old. She performed the National Anthem at a Diamondbacks game, released two original pop singles,won in her category at the 2014 Arizona’s Rockin’ with Talent and received one of three Judges Choice awards in a world-wide contest for her cover of “Glorious.” She recorded with Rob Gardner for the soundtrack of “Cokeville Miracle” and recorded as a soloist on an album produced by Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences called “Stars Shine Brightly.” Evie Clair enjoyed opening for the world-famous Duttons and working with classmates to create a music video promoting kindness and forgiveness.  Evie won a contest to sing the theme song for “Once I was a Beehive” and was able to perform it live for the official movie premier.  She also had an original song featured on the movie soundtrack.  For Christmas 2015 Evie Clair was invited to participate in the #ASaviorIsBorn initiative with a special Christmas video sponsored by Mormon.org.

Adam Marriott

“Keep your eye on this girl!”

KR Hoover

“Breathtaking….touched my soul”


“Oh my! You have the voice of an angel! Incredible! Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Cathy Meserole

“I absolutely love your cover. I was blown away by your voice!”

Meet the Mormons

“Wow! So good Evie!”

Jenny W Chan

“What a sweet, angelic voice.”