Welcome to the invite for piano/voice lessons with Evie Clair.

Evie’s lessons include chord-based piano lessons and piano techniques, accompaniment, transposing and arranging, ear training, sight singing and vocal techniques. This is Evie’s second round of lessons and she has spots for new students in this beginning class. Students who do well in Moderato can move up to Allegro in 4 weeks.  See how the first round went and what students and parents had to say.



Moderato Music Class by Evie will be held over Zoom for one hour sessions:

Thursday, September 24th at 4pm PT

Thursday, October 1st at 4pm PT

Thursday, October 8th at 4pm PT

Thursday, October 15th at 4pm PT

If you miss any session, a recording of the session can be provided to you.

Email address you will use for receiving messages from Evie and logging in to Zoom
Price: $ 80.00

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