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    BUY the Album at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mckennamorris “Box” is a song about having nothing and everything at the same time. Love makes our lives rich in a way material things can’t. This is something I learned from watching my parents love each other, in fact they were the inspiration for this song.The first line is something my mom would say growing up…”I would live in a box if it meant being with your dad.” Needless to say I had a blast writing this one and was thrilled when the talented Spencer Jones agreed to record it with me as a duet. His voice was a perfect fit. Enjoy!!

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    Song of the Sea

    Song of the Sea was written by Carlie and McKenna a few years ago. This song is one of their favorites to perform and was a blast to write. They have a slight obsession with mermaids.  This is their first time recording outside of the studio and also the the first video that we have produced on their own, so they hope you enjoy! They are learning and improving every day, so expect more new and improved videos in the near future! Thanks for watching!  A special thanks to Elise for dancing.

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    Time Stops

    Original song written and performed by McKenna Mae and Carlie Lou

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    Army of Angels

    Army of Angels – McKenna Mae -mp3– Free Download (right click and Save Link As…) Army of Angels is a song that is very dear to my heart. The initial idea for this song actually didn’t come from me. My dear friend Becky asked me several years ago if I could write a song about angels. As strange as the request may have sounded at the time, I felt sure that I would be able to do it. Two days later, the song was complete, some songs just write themselves. Since then it has become clear to me that Becky was inspired in her request. I have a testimony that…

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    Silver Linings

    Recording this song was a very fun process! Stephen Moyer, with Vista Light Productions, helped me capture perfectly my vision for this song, as he does on all of my songs. This song is meant to remind us to find the good in every situation, or your “silver lining” and to go outside ourselves to help others do the same.

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    Aim High

    FREE DOWNLOADS Aim High – PDF Sheet Music Aim High- mp3 (Right click – Save Link As…) I was asked to write the theme song for an LDS Girl’s Camp this past summer. Their theme was Aim High! Throughout the writing, teaching, and preforming process I felt a strong connection with the girls attending camp. My testimony of God’s love for these girls and for all of us grew greatly during this time. Everyone of us has incredible potential, but it is only through knowing our true identity as children of God that we reach it! Here is the logo design we used for camp… feel free to borrow it.…