• Music

    Silver Linings

    Recording this song was a very fun process! Stephen Moyer, with Vista Light Productions, helped me capture perfectly my vision for this song, as he does on all of my songs. This song is meant to remind us to find the good in every situation, or your “silver lining” and to go outside ourselves to help others do the same.

  • Sacred Music

    Aim High

    FREE DOWNLOADS Aim High – PDF Sheet Music Aim High- mp3 (Right click – Save Link As…) I was asked to write the theme song for an LDS Girl’s Camp this past summer. Their theme was Aim High! Throughout the writing, teaching, and preforming process I felt a strong connection with the girls attending camp. My testimony of God’s love for these girls and for all of us grew greatly during this time. Everyone of us has incredible potential, but it is only through knowing our true identity as children of God that we reach it! Here is the logo design we used for camp… feel free to borrow it.…