Evie’s Off To College

Even for your favorite artists, life never stops moving. In the case of Evie Clair, life is just starting to pick up speed! As her childhood stardom comes to an end, her career as an adult is just beginning. That’s right, Evie’s off to college! Evie heads to Brigham Young University – Idaho next week, and she’s inviting her fans to come along for the journey.

Although she is leaving home, Evie’s family of fans can join her at college through her Facebook supporters group. Facebook supporters receive access to exclusive content and frequent check-ins from Evie as she begins this exciting phase of her life. Her first exclusive live event will be on Sep. 10th, as she settles into a new home, and a new piano.

Evie Clair's Facebook Supporter's Group

Fans who follow her college experience will see a whole new side of Evie Clair. Aside from music, Evie has a passion for innovation. Surprisingly to some, she will be majoring in computer science! Evie hopes to one day make online genealogy programs more user friendly. In addition to her music, Facebook supporters will get to know the real Evie Clair.

However big the world may be, Evie always finds time for her fans wherever they are. Because of her kind influence, many have wanted to support her on her journey through this life. Now, with a her Facebook group, fans turn into friends. Be sure to sign up before Sep. 10th to catch her move-in live!

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