America’s Got Talent Finalist – young singer/ songwriter Evie Clair stole the hearts of America in Season 12 with with her angelic voice and strength through personal tragedy. Evie began developing her natural musical gifts at the age of two. Her mother was a music teacher in Arizona and she taught Evie to accompany herself on the piano before she could read. By age seven Evie was performing professionally on the stage and writing original music. By age 12 Evie had won several talent competitions, created a successful YouTube channel and had an original song used for a movie soundtrack. At age 13 Evie Clair appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent where she lost her beloved father to cancer just before appearing on the finals. She returned with a reserved but stunning performance her dad’s favorite song. In his absence, she was able to help support her widowed mother and 4 other siblings with her growing career and the many performance opportunities granted her because of her exposure from America’s Got Talent.  Her original pop album Okay Day hit number 43 on the iTunes Pop Chart and included a special song dedicated to her late father 57 Seconds. Just as Evie turned 15 Delta Airlines used her single in their holiday commercial and she was the headliner for a 72 run show in Reno, Nevada. Evie’s love song duet cover album Valentine reached number 6 on the iTunes Chart and her collaboration with Nate Fenwick on a new single Young Fighter introduced her to a new alt rock audience. Evie’s third album Crossroads will be released in February 2020 with a world tour.

Episode 19 Semi Finals Performance & Comments

Episode 19 Semi Finals Intro