“Evie… you are gusty and let me tell you something… your voice was beautiful…You’re tone, your pitch was stunning. It was laid back and let me tell you, you’re dad is gonna be so proud…” — Simon Cowell

A fan recently asked Evie on Twitter what she’s been doing since America’s Got Talent. Her response: “Well I put out 3 albums a few singles, went on 2 tours and did dozens of concerts, speaking and press appearances. My favorite stuff to do is still sing for church events but for now I’m YouTubing from home until the world gets put back together. “

More than one judge and millions of fans echoed that Evie’s voice was the sound of an angel. She’s different because although she can sing the big notes, she doesn’t depend on them and wants people to feel her soul when she sings, even in the quiet, heartfelt moments. She writes music to help heal the hearts of people suffering with loss and grief and heartache. 

America’s Got Talent Finalist –singer,songwriter,pianist and speaker. Evie Clair’s album Okay Day hit the top 50 on the iTunes pop chart just after her original song For You was featured in a movie soundtrack. Later Delta Airlines used her single Auld Lang Syne in their holiday commercial about kindness and she was the headliner for a 72 show run Christmas show in Reno and toured with #1 selling broadway magician Adam Trent. She has been featured by NBC, Billboard, USA Today, MSN, Fox News, Today, Google, The Washington Post, etc. Her first America’s Got Talent video posted had the 3rd highest view count on YouTube for 2018. Evie continues to travel around the world, perform, write music and speak about enduring loss.

Evie is the second of five children. She loves her siblings who are also gifted poets and musicians. She is from Arizona and loves the sun. Evie is more than a pretty face. She is a true artist. She loves to write and arrange music and has been at it since she was a toddler writing songs at the piano. She has had music and fine art in her family heritage for generations. Her mother was a music teacher and helped her develop her skills to express her strong emotions. She loves people and is caring and giving and deeply religious. She gives gratitude to God daily for the ways he blesses her and she serves others to show her gratitude. Her music is somehow relaxed and full of energy at the same time. Evie is admired by fans for her not only her unique talents but her personal strength and staying true to her values without holding herself above anyone else.