Wedding Weekend

Evie traveled to Utah on April 26th to sing for the wedding reception of Elder Gressman, a missionary who served near her home last year. For the event, she worked with the mega talented director of the One Voice Children’s Choir, Masa Fukuda and top Utah cellist, Garrett Rosza.

They covered a beautiful song by Ruelle called “I Get to Love You” that was requested by the bride. They also covered “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and some ‘on the spot’ requests. This is live, raw video footage filmed by A.J. Moss. Evie feels so grateful to be able to collaborate with such incredible musicians.

Evie Clair loves visiting Utah because she has lots of beloved aunts, uncles and cousins there. On this trip she also got to spend some time with her best friend, Clancy Thomas and his mom, who came to see her perform. She was happy to get to see them since Clancy only has a few months until he leaves on his mission. Evie belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where young people as young as 18 serve and teach away from home for up to 2 years. Just like Elder Gressman who served his mission in Evie’s town of Florence, Arizona, her friend Clancy will leave home in August to serve the people in Vina Del Mar, Chile.

Because of Evie’s religious convictions, she chooses not to date or have a boyfriend this early in life but she plans to date when she’s 16 and hopes to date Clancy when he returns in two years. She says he reminds her of her dad – both humble, hard working, Idaho farm boys who value God, family and sports. She and Clancy met at a basketball game in her dad’s hometown in December. Clancy Thomas, the 6′ 6″ star of the basketball team, asked Evie to sign his basketball before the game. Lots of boys ask for autographs but she was a little taken by this one when he asked her to sign her real last name. He explained that his dad was on her dad’s wrestling team and that both of his parents went to high school with her dad. Later that night Evie went to her first church dance and Clancy arrived to ask her for a dance. Evie returned to Arizona but has been able to see Clancy a few more times in her travels. They have remained close friends from a distance and Clancy has even helped Evie with lyrics for songs on her upcoming “Okay Day” Album that will be released June!

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