Hymn Mash Up

Later this week the beloved singer/songwriter, Evie Clair, will become Mrs. Evelyn Thomas. Her heart is definitely set on the tall and handsome Clancy Thomas but lately has also turned more to God. She has been working on reviving some of her favorite hymns and spiritual music. She revealed to her family recently that her favorite types of gigs are ones where she can share her spiritual journey and sacred music.

Fans weren’t expecting a new music video from Evie to drop on her YouTube channel just days before her wedding since she hasn’t released a professional video since “Talking” 10 months ago. She gave no hints about the this new video, but fans we’re thrilled with one commenting “Just what the world needs” and another “This was so beautiful. Got chills the second I hit play. God bless and Merry Christmas.” They also loved that she included her little sister Kirra Abplanalp and her Aunt Christy Mann’s beautiful accompanying cello.

With video direction and production by Tanner Blackburn and audio engineering by Stephen Moyer, this was most likely Evie’s last opportunity to work with Arizona friends as she will be staying in Idaho to continue her education and start her new married life.

She doesn’t have plans yet on how or if she will pursue her singing career moving forward but she will never stop singing praises to God.

A comment recently left on one of Evie’s videos reads: “There is a disarming gentleness and quiet strength to this child that is truly human. She is not your normal performer with goals, agendas and ambitions. She has so much past, so much insight into the sum total of human suffering, so much humanness to offer those who live in human frames but have either lost the knack or have never known what it is like to be both gently strong and strongly gentle.” -Arjuna Seneviratne


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