That They Might Have Joy

Evie Clair would like to share an intimate new album of sacred hymns, close to her heart, with simple original arrangements of beloved, classic Christian hymns and sacred songs that bring her joy. Her husband, Clancy says,

“You couldn’t get an album that more closely resembles the experience of Evelyn sitting at the piano in her living room singing to you personally.”

Evie Clair, now Evelyn Thomas and her husband, recently posted about the coming birth of their first baby. The gentleness of these 15 songs makes them feel like lullabies in honor of that announcement. They come directly from her heart and speak to the listener’s soul about the love she has for God and her relationship with Him. Other album themes include kindness, gratitude, the Savior, peace and families.

The album title “That They Might Have Joy” comes from a beloved scripture passage, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25) embracing the idea that we exist to find true and lasting Joy no matter our circumstance. It was a belief her father held even through the difficulties of a painful death from cancer. She added a remastered version she sang the year he passed away of his favorite hymn “Be Still My Soul” ending with the lyrics, “through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.” He taught her to hold to the things that wouldn’t fade with passing trends, but to fill her life with things that bring eternal joy.

Evelyn wanted to share these sacred lyrics and melodies of Jesus with others as a testimony of the joy she has found so that they, also, might have joy and internalize the true source of it.

Special thanks from Evie to a few beloved people who contributed to this album including Kirra Abplanalp, Charles Mann, Bailey Jolley, Phoebe Morris, Christy Mann, Michael McLean and Pamalee Mann.

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