Heavens Open with Upcoming Release

Evie Clair (Thomas) breaks down the heartfelt lyrics of her upcoming song about her dad in a new YouTube video. She will be premiering the new original song “I know You’re There” in one week – the day she calls her dad’s angelversary. He passed away on September 7th, 2017. The song will be released on streaming services later in the month.

Evie opens her heart and shares it as she goes through each line of this new song and explains her thoughts behind it, knowing her dad is still watching over her. She breaks down in tears when she reveals the lyric about her dad’s grandkids, “and when they cry, when they’re down, when there’s nobody to listen, I know you’re there.” She spoke of how her dad was always such a good listener and that she knows he’s still there listening and will be there for her children. She recognizes that she won’t be able to see him hold his grandkids but wonders if Billye has already had some time with him recently. Her inspiration to write this song for her dad started when she was having an unspoken conversation about him with her baby.

The melody of “I Know You’re There” remains a mystery for one more week. Watch for the release on Evie Clair’s YouTube channel the morning of September 7, 2023. #teamamos

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