Evie’s parents were both teachers for most of her life. Her dad was certified in multiple subjects to teach high school students who had emotional and behavioral disorders. Her mom taught high school choir, band and orchestra and had experience running a music school of her own before Evie was born. A year before Evie’s father’s terminal cancer diagnosis, he finished graduate school and became a psychologist at the prison while her mother retired from teaching to give more time and attention to her home and five children. The family moved to a smaller home to make it possible to move from two incomes to one slightly higher one. Just months later her father was losing income for time he needed to take off to get cancer treatments. He continued working as much as possible, knowing his family needed him. He passed away just before the finals of America’s Got Talent. Since that time, beautiful gifts of compassion from so many have upheld Evie’s family. In return, Evie does all she can to give freely of her talents to noble organizations aiming to better this world. We appreciate so much the kindness of those who have it in their hearts to bless the lives of others. Thank you.