Hunger Games Parodies

Evie Clair’s parents met at BYU and their family loves to watch a BYU sketch comedy group called Studio C. These Hunger Games parodies for the Hunger Games movie (specifically part 1 of finale: Mockingjay) were created by Studio C and covered by Evie Clair with her siblings. It’s amazing because there is no sheet music available for these parodies. Evie is able to hear them and recreate the music by ear using her understanding of chord progressions, beats and harmonies. They have such a good time with these and we hope you love them. Thanks to Studio C for amazing creativity and good family fun.

Peeta – Evie Clair (cover)

Katniss – Evie Clair (cover)

Also check out the originals for Katniss, Peeta and Gale by Studio C

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