Once I Was a Beehive



Evie had the opportunity to sing the theme song Together for the movie Once I Was a Beehive. This was the result of a competition on Giggstage.com. Here she is performing at the premier. What an amazing experience working with the producers of Sararov Approach on this amazing new film. This movie is an instant classic in our home. We’ve been quoting funny lines from it ever since.

Evie was also recorded the song “Together” and an original bonus track “For You” for the official soundtrack and DVD that will be released before Christmas 2015.  Thank you to Stephen Moyer at Vistalight productions for that audio work.

Beehive memes 11




Arizona Premire

 Evie Clair and Spencer Jones rocked it at the AZ opening of Once I Was A Beehive! Great movie!! Don’t miss it!! #onceiwasabeehive

Posted by Phoebe Mann Morris on Friday, September 18, 2015




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