AGT Reunion Shows in Washington

In a little city called Mill Creek near Seattle, Washington, many of the finalists from America’s Got Talent were showcased Friday and Saturday at a Christmas spectacular at Gold Creek. Evie Clair took the stage with Merrick Hanna, Christian Guardino, Kochi Okwuchi, DaNell Daymon & Greater Works: Gospel Choir plus several other acts including finalists from NBC’s The Sing Off.

Gold Creek really knows how to put on a show and they were brilliant to recruit musical genius, Gary Verrill, to direct and produce the music! We were stunned by the incredible stage and sound. They even had ice skaters skating on stage somehow and an aerialist flying over the stage in the pre-show.

The entire concert was incredible. We showed up for sound check expecting to use backing tracks for Evie’s songs but were excited to find out that she would have a live – extremely talented band backing her up. Evie, like most musicians, comes alive when the music is real, live and not overly rehearsed.

Evie and dancer Merrick Hanna from AGT collaborated for the first time together on a dubstep mashup of Carol of the Bells/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen that was a huge hit!

At the end of the dynamic show, the pianist – Gary, pulled up the favorite Christmas songs from audience polls and called on performers to improvise a random song completely unrehearsed! Golden Buzzer winner, Christian Guardino, from AGT was clearly the king of improv this weekend, but Evie proved that she could also hold her own on the spot.

Evie loved spending time with her AGT friends but she was also thrilled to be able to spend some time with her aunt and uncle and cousins who live in Seattle. They hosted a breakfast at their home while we were in town and invited dozens of young women from church for brunch and a musical devotional.

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