Back to “Normal”

“Time to Reflect”

The last 2 years made a lasting impact on our way of life. This is no different for young singer-songwriter, Evie Clair. In a recent interview she opened up about her experiences as a performer during the pandemic. She shares her interesting perspective on getting back to “normal.” Find out how you can see AGT finalist Evie Clair perform LIVE this year.

Pandemic Performances

Evie recounted that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought a drastic shift from live shows, to “virtual concerts.” Despite her recent participation in several online events, she found it difficult to recall details about any of them. She revealed that although these events ran smoothly, they didn’t provide the connection with her audience that makes concerts memorable. Evie explained, “Even though there were people watching me, it just felt like singing at my own house.”

Return to the Stage

Things are getting back to “normal” for Evie Clair.  However, the end of her isolation is proving difficult as she relearns how to live “normally.” Evie shared,  “It’s a little nerve racking going so long without performing and jumping back in like nothing ever happened. It makes a huge difference when there are people in front of me.”

Despite the anxiety, Evie feels that this experience will make a positive impact in her life. “Through the pandemic, I’ve had a lot more time to reflect on the last few years”… “I don’t have to end my story with ‘my dad died and I am sad now.” Her return to the stage revealed a new Evie Clair. Fans have noted that her recent concerts give a deeper look into her heart, rather than just the music. Evie shared, “There is a lesson to be learned and to be shared rather than just relating to people who have gone through the same things.” She noticed that because of the pandemic, the music fits the message, not the other way around. “Don’t come to my concert just to be entertained,” Evie says. She hopes that every fan will go home uplifted.

Things to Come

Don’t miss your chance to see Evie’s new “normal.” Her upcoming shows include appearances in Boca Raton, FL, Arizona State University, and Danville, CA. She will also be performing September 4th at 11am in Wisconsin Dells, WI at The Keg and Patio, at Higley Center for the Performing Arts benefitting Manes and Miracles, and in a Community Concert in Sierra Vista, AZ in November. Many of these events will be FREE, so don’t miss out on your chance to see Evie Clair LIVE!

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