Evie Clair – My Dad’s Treatment For Anxiety

A Simple Solution

Evie Clair has a surefire method to treat anxiety and depression, courtesy of her late father. This simple solution completely changed Evie’s life. All it takes is a little bit of gratitude. This simple exercise in gratitude is a surefire cure for any heartache. This Thanksgiving, Evie is sharing her father’s advice that makes all the difference.

Evie Clair Overcoming Heartbreak

Amos Abplanalp, Evie Clair’s father, practiced psychology until 2017 when his cancer made him unable to work. He passed away later that same year. Evie was in the final rounds of America’s Got Talent when her father died. She told her mother that she wouldn’t return to the competition. At fourteen years old, the combination of a childhood tragedy and a national competition was far too much for the young singer. Anxiety overcame her, and heartache made it impossible to continue the show. However, Amos’ funeral life sketch included the following phrase, which he often repeated: “I didn’t raise quitters for kids.” Evie knew she had to go back to AGT.

Evie sits by her fathers bedside
Amos never stopped being a father

Even so, such a brave decision would require a miracle, and her dad had just the treatment. With firm faith, Evie looked back on a lesson her father always taught. Whenever one of his children was suffering from anxiety or feeling down, he would prescribe the following cure: count your blessings. Amos sat with his children as they wrote a list of things for which they were thankful. Within minutes they were calm, content, and ready to face their problems. Evie applied this treatment. Even fatherless, with no indication of what her life would be like, she sat and counted her blessings. She went back to AGT and delivered an unforgettable final performance.

Recently, Evie gave the following statement about this fatherly counsel:

“Always had an extra hard time with my anxiety. When my anxiety would be triggered, it would always help me to forget about myself and focus on what I have. That’s always helped me to combat my feelings of low self-worth. Bad things don’t seem as bad when you remember all of the good things you have.”

The Power of Gratitude

On one occasion, Amos prescribed this exercise to one of his patients. The man was serving time in prison and felt that he had nothing left. At first, his depression worsened as he reminded himself of all that he lost. He listed things like family, love, respect, his job and possessions, health and power.  Amos and his patient read through the list. They paused for a while after the inmate read the word, “health.” Amos had only weeks left to live. Evie’s father reminded his patient that there are some things that can never be taken away. The man began to heal after composing the following list:

ability to be a good family member

ability to love


ability to work hard

healthy habits

power of self-control

That day, this inmate learned a lesson that Evie Clair had been taught her entire life. He learned that gratitude has nothing to do with what you have. Gratitude is about who you choose to be. A grateful heart is an unconquerable heart. This holiday season, give thanks.

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