Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center

A grand opening

This week, Evie joined Olympian Mykayla Skinner, Apostle Ulisses Soares, and influencer/entrepreneur Bella Weems Lambert in a press conference for the new Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints builds these centers to uplift, and unite communities. The event made a great impact on everyone there. Evie loved the experience, saying, “No matter who comes here, there will be something for them to love.” Sadly, it’s rare to feel so at home in today’s world. Places like this provide a chance for much needed connection.

Connect with your roots

“We spent time with young adults in Mesa to learn how to create a space that works for them,” said director Tanner Kay. Although the focus of the Center is the Temple, it’s purpose is to unite people. Visitors are immersed in the rich history of Mesa, and it’s Temple. Upon entry, cards are available with the names of individual pioneers, natives, and immigrants. As you explore the Center, interactive stations unfold the story of that individual. The rich, mixed culture of Arizona comes alive as visitors connect to their common heritage. Furthermore, the Center houses dozens of computers and trained volunteers to help people learn about their own genealogy.

Connect with yourself

Along with connecting people to their past, the Visitors’ Center helps people connect with their present. Evie’s favorite display is a large wall with the title, “I can be a LIGHT”. Dozens of phrases cover the wall, each one illuminating when touched. They suggest simple acts of service, such as “Love yourself,” “Bake for a neighbor,” or “Be a Peacemaker.” The Center also features several “meditation pods”, where people can relax and ponder.

Connect with God

Above all, this center is to bring people closer to God. As the name of the Church suggests, it is based in Christianity. However, anyone will find their relationship with their God strengthened by this experience. The Spirit is palpable in every room. The information presented is clear, and inspiring. The sense of love and acceptance can’t be faked. Because of that feeling, Evie recommends that everyone makes a visit to the Mesa Temple Visitors’ Center. You won’t regret it.

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