“Evie Clair is the best singer songwriter I’ve heard, possibly ever.” —AmyMulholland


“Evie never disappoints, just keeps getting better.” — Steven Greg Bailey


“Sounded great! You looked beautiful and I loved the setting as well. You’ll be on the Grammys soon enough.” — Robert Vogt


“You are so INCREDIBLY VERSATILE !!! So amazing – all that you’re creating” — Andall Thatchazz


“There are many singers whose voices are good but your is magically unique…” — S Sinha


“Every now and then a songwriter puts together the perfect compliment of music and lyrics. This is one of those times. Someday take the “AGT Finalist” off of your website banner. You are so much more than that now.” —Tom McGrath


“Evie you know what, I know in my heart and soul that you’ll be known by the whole world one day. Every time you sing it just nothing short of seeing an angel sing. 💟” — Raul Angel Fonseca


“Why is she so underrated?” — Bambilegacy12


“Our awesome superstar is spreading her wings… so honored that she shares it with us.” — Larry Welsh


“Me and my son love your voice he always smiles when I play you and helps him sleep too.”  — Kalee Sterling


“Absolutely love watching your career grow. Nothing better than seeing a gome town girl make it big. I don’t think that’s ever happened in Florence before. So very proud of you sweetheart.” — Rickey Troy Hull


“Evie, you’re one of my favourite singers, so beautiful and talented.. Your songs a have a great story line and are so well written!” —Satram Vram


“There’s a lot great singer out there but nothing compare to your beautiful unique voice. And for you making & writing your own song at the age of 16th, that is super talented. Hope more people in this world will see how amazing you are.” — E. Haylie


“I love it! I can feel the emotion in this song! Wonderful! Never heard any other song which is so touching! And your expressions! Wow! I am in tears.”  — Annika Crombags


“Is it just me that knows every single song of Evie Clair… every single one…word for word❤️😁🌹 I LOVE YOU EVIE 🌹😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” — Gracie Letsitsa


“Your songs just get better and better! Great future ahead.” — TheWrightDrummer777


“This young woman is has it all. Beauty, brains, and a talent. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Her song is flawless. Angelic sound. You are the best Evie. Beautiful. Everything this lady sings and touches is gold. Brings a tear to the eye listening to her.”  — Path Below


“You’re The Best In The Entire World In The Musical Industry. What A Worldclass Superstar Genius She Is And There’s Nobody Better Than Her In This Entire World And I Can’t Wait For The Day When I Can See Her Live In Concert Once Again. Love Her So Much.🎹🎸🎤🎵🎶🎼 🎹🎵🎷❤”  — Gary Booton


“Evie, I’ve been a die hard fan for several years and love everything you do” — Michael Casdorph


“Beautiful voice ❤ you are so strong to have gone through so much . When you were reaching for the stars and at the same time your world fell apart. You are so strong & never doubt yourself, you have amazing talent!” –Veronica Aquino


“The thing i like about you Evie Clair is that you don’t try to be like anyone else. You got loads of singers out there today that try and become other singers and people are like “you’re gonna be the next Adelle or Whitney Houston but you are just Evie Clair and that’s what i love about you. You are Beautiful,Stunning,Amazing and also you don’t try and belt out songs at the top of your voice you just sing and this Gorgeous Voice just flows out of you. You will always remain in our Hearts and in that moment is what makes a true singer.”  — Graham Pilcher